About the Project

The aim of the SocialErasmus project is to allow international students to benefit at the utmost from the local community and enrich the latter through the international background of the students. It promotes as well a social attitude amongst international students all over Europe. International students are invited to volunteer in the framework of the SocialErasmus project under three main areas of action: education, charity and environment.


The SocialErasmus project enables people to experience something new and to get new perspectives as well as learn more about European cultures. This gives a highly valuable contribution to the learning mobility period for international students and local communities. SocialErasmus was initiated in 2008 in Poland and rapidly showed to be a big success. ESN thus decided to transfer this experience to other countries and it became an ESN International level project by 2010.


SocialErasmus has three main areas of action:


  • education
  • charity
  • environment



The aim of the SocialErasmus project is to complete the stay abroad with the original values of the Erasmus Programme. Erasmus is supposed to be an opportunity to get to know new cultures and education systems as well as to make new unforgettable friendships, but also it should be a kind of inspiration for a future life. Moreover, the SocialErasmus project enables people to experience something new, as a consequence, Erasmus programme participants will get a new perspective, which would be beyond their cognitive abilities, if they did not take part in the Erasmus program. Taking into consideration the above factors, the main slogan of the project is: Reach higher! Go further! Go Social! 


ESN Austria Involvement

In coordinance with the international SocialErasmus week in late autumn 2013, ESN Uni Wien organized various events such as a Date Auction, cookie and hot wine selling, Free Hugs and Blood Donation, which were very successful. ESN Uni Graz, who also organized a cookie baking, is currently also planning a number of SocialErasmus activities for the future.