Our National Board consists of seven members, who are elected at the National Platform in January and stay in office for one year between the AGMs (Annual General Meeting) of ESN International. The current members are:



Tanja Popovic

(ESN BFI Vienna)

president AT esnaustria DOT org

Vice President

Michelle Strauss

(ESN Uni Salzburg)

vice-president AT esnaustria DOT org


Klara Schlichtinger

(ESN BFI Vienna)

finance AT esnaustria DOT org

Communication Manager

Julia Eder

(ESN Linz)

communication AT esnaustria DOT org

National Representative

Abier Ghazal


austria AT esn DOT org

Web Project Administrator

Marco von Frieling

(ESN Klagenfurt)

wpa AT esnaustria DOT org

Event & Project Manager

Johanna Gostner

(ESN Buddynetwork TU Wien)

projects AT esnaustria DOT org


You can find members of former National Boards here.